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Site launched 3/17/2007

Featured Photo - Covington recently purchased this 2006 Spartan / Central States (Rosenbauer) from Cincinnati where it previously ran as Heavy Rescue 14.
Recent Updates -

07/28/18 - General update of Elsmere Fire Dept - added the 2015 E-One assigned to Engine 401 and the 2015 Ford / Horton assigned to Medic 415.  Also added a new page of station photos and updated photography of the older apparatus.

07/22/18 - Updated Taylor Mill with the new Ford / Horton ambulance for Medic 815.  Also general update of apparatus photography for many of the Taylor Mill units.

07/14/18 - Updated the Crescent Springs / Villa Hills department page for the arrival of the new Ford / Horton for Medic 514.

04/28/18 - The Covington Station 1 page has been updated with the new Seagrave tiller for Truck 1.

01/22/18 - Very large rework of the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky (CVG) Airport Fire Department.  Updated photography of crash trucks, structural apparatus, medic units and command / support vehicles.  

01/10/18 - Extensive update of Florence - added the 2017 McCoy Miller for Squad 114 and updated the other squads as well.  Also added the 2017 Ford for Haz Mat 123, updated apparatus photography and added company logos to each of the Florence station pages.

12/28/17 - Final updates for Covington - Station 1 added the 2017 Ford / Demers for Ambulance 1, also staff cars and updated the detail pages for  Truck 1, Rescue 1 and Pumper 3.  Station 5 added the 2008 Seagrave for Pumper 5 previously assigned to Pumper 2.  Also added the 2015 PL Custom for Ambulance 3 and general update of station and other apparatus photography.

12/23/17 - The 2008 Seagrave previously assigned to Covington Pumper 6 has been reassigned to Pumper 8.  The Station 8 page has been updated with the new arrival and the 2017 Ford / Demers assigned to Ambulance 2.  Ambulance 8 and Ambulance 5 have been  updated as well.   

12/20/17 - Updated Covington Station 6 with the new Seagrave for Pumper 6.  Also updated photos of Ambulance 4.

11/28/17 - The new Seagrave for Covington Pumper 2 recently went into service, and the Station 2 page has been updated with the new arrival.

09/17/17 - Large update of Newport, including the new Pierce Enforcer received for Engine 903 and the Ford / Horton ambulance acquired from Elsmere for Medic 982.  Also added quite a few new apparatus photos and photos of the medic units.    

05/09/17 - Updated Wilder with the 2016 Sutphen rescue pumper for Engine 1401.  Also updated the department / station pages with apparatus location and staff vehicle changes  

04/28/17 - Updated Burlington with Squad 714's Ford / Wheeled Coach ambulance, received in late 2015.

04/23/17 - Crescent Springs / Villa Hills Engine 503 received a new E-One on a Typhoon chassis, and the 1994 Simon Duplex / Luverne previously assigned to Engine 503 has been retired.  The Crescent Springs department page has been updated with the new arrival.

03/15/17 - Fort Mitchell received a new Ford / Horton ambulance last October for Medic 16, and both Fort Mitchell ambulances have had unit number graphics added.  The Fort Mitchell page has been updated with photos of the medic units.

11/24/16 - Updated Hebron for the 2015 Dodge / Braun ambulances assigned to Squads 364 & 365.  Also added the 2016 Ford Police Interceptor assigned to Car 375 and the repaint of Utility 367 to the current red color scheme.

10/20/16 - General update of Park Hills support and command vehicles.  Park Hills purchased a 2015 Ford Police Interceptor last year for Car 625, and the department page has been updated with the new vehicle and subsequent reassigments.

10/02/16 - Alexandria received a 2015 Ford / Medix last year for Squad 172.  It replaced a 2005 International / Horton.  The Alexandria department page has been updated with the new ambulance.

09/26/16 - Independence recently placed into service two new Ford / Horton ambulances for Medic 463 and Medic 464.  The Independence department pages have been updated with the new arrivals.

09/12/15 - Union has placed into service a  new Dodge / PL Custom ambulance with Squad 664.  The Union department pages have been updated with the new arrival.

07/12/15 - The Burlington department pages have been updated with the arrival of the new Ladder 710.

01/04/15 - General update of the Hebron Fire Department updated many of the apparatus with new images.

11/28/14 - The new Seagrave Marauder pumper has arrived for Fort Mitchell Engine 1.  The department page has been updated with a photo of the new truck, and also updated photography on several of the command and support vehicles.

05/26/14 - Bromley received a new water tanker from Summit, and the Bromley department page has been updated with the new arrival.

01/12/14 - Bellevue - Dayton recently received a new Ford / Wheeled Coach for Medic 280.  The department page has been updated for the new arrival.

11/24/13 - Updated the Crescent Springs department page with photos of the new Ford / Braun assigned to Medic 16.

11/10/13 - General update of Fort Wright - added a new detail page for Rescue 774, large images of the medic units and refreshed photography on the apparatus detail pages.

11/03/13 - The Southgate Fire Department page has been updated for the new medic unit, and also refreshed photography on the apparatus detail pages.

10/27/13 - Southgate / Wilder EMS has placed into service a new Ford / Braun ambulance for Medic 1380.  The Wilder department pages have been updated with the new arrival, and also took the opportunity to refresh photography on several of the Wilder apparatus detail pages.  Still working on updating Southgate for the new arrival.

Future & New Deliveries Update for 2018 / 19 -

Covington - Acquired a 2006 Spartan / Central States for Heavy Rescue 1.  The apparatus was previously assigned to Cincinnati Heavy Rescue 14.

Erlanger - Received a pair of new E-One pumper trucks for Engine 51 and Engine 53.  The 1999 E-One assigned to Engine 52 will become a reserve apparatus.

Independence - Acquired a 1990 Sutphen pumper for Engine 453.  It previously served as Engine 48 with Greenhills (OH) Fire Department.  Independence also has a new pumper truck on order with E-One.

If you have an event you would like to list, a new delivery to report, or any corrections to the data on this site just send me an email -  
There are currently 683 apparatus, 82 fire stations and 14 boats pictured on this web site.

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